September 11, 2015



  • Manual steering
  • Twin wheels as option
  • Folding function enables passage through lower doors etc.
  • Entirely pneumatically operated
  • Occupies a minimum of floor space
  • Sharp turning circle for easy access
  • Controls and air inlet inside the cage
  • Outriggers are standard
  • Delivered ready-to-use
  • CE, CAS and UL certified
  • ATEX compliant













Design: Fully mobile with fold-down function of mast

Construction: Welded steel

Finish: RAL 1023

Weight: 470 kg

Energy: Entirely pneumatically operated

Payload: 140 kg (1 person + equipment)

Lifting height:
Floor height, unfolded; 2.730 mm
Floor height, folded; 1.670 mm

Working range: Up to 10 m radius from air connection point

Lifting: hand-lever valve in cage
Driving/steering: Manual steering and driving (using handle)

Air supply: 6-8 bar, min. 350 l/min.
A compressed air outlet for air tools is provided inside the cage.

Approvals: CE, CAS and UL. ATEX compliant.

An optional compressed air container (300 bar) can be used in locations where compressed air are not available
(approximately 15 up-down operations).


  • Safety flow restrictors in case of air loss
  • Chain slack protection


  • Non slip floor in cage
  • Signal horn
  • Chain protection panels
  • Hook in cage for safety harness
  • Self closing hinges
  • Self closing latches
  • Emergency lowering

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