September 11, 2015



  • 250 kg lifting capacity/payload
  • 2 m cage with
  • Maximum lifting height 6 m
  • Three dimensional movement
  • Non slip floor in cage
  • Made to order
  • CE, CAS and UL certified
  • ATEX compliant

Design: Mounted on the wall – ergonomic operation

Construction: Welded steel

Finish: RAL 5015

Net weight: 790 kg

Energy: Entirely pneumatically operated

Functions: Three dimensional movement; up/down, in/out, left/right

Characteristics: Easy to install, minimum of maintenance.

Models: From 1000 to 1300 mm telescopic extension –
lifting height (floor of cage) up to 6 m

Payload: 250 kg (two persons + equipment)

Controls: Inside cage: Up/down, in/out, left/right
At ground level: Up/down

Brakes: Brake system in rail for steady positioning.
Optional: brakes on lower support wheels.

Air supply: 6-8 bar, min. 350 ltr/minute supplied via hoses on self-retracting
reels or via energy chain. A compressed air outlet for air tools is provided in the cage.

Imposed loads:
Upper rail: Vertical load approx. 0 kg
Horizontal load approx. 163 kg
Lower support wheels: Vertical load 1040 kg
Horizontal load approx. 163 kg
(Model XL 1000 – std. lifting height)

Approvals: CE, CAS and UL certified. ATEX compliant.

- Safety flow restrictors in case of air loss
- Chain straightener
- Safety factor 11 on lifting chains
- Safety chain on air supply
- Chain slack protection

- Brake system for steady parking
- Guide rollers to centre the travel in top rail
- Rubber stoppers in rail
- Loss of air pressure allows manual movement

- Pressurized cylinders for steady positioning
- Loss of air pressure allows manual movement

- Non slip floor in cage
- Signal horn
- Chain protection panels
- Hook in cage for safety harness
- Self closing hinges
- Self closing latches
- Emergency lowering

standard models
Distance from wall
min/max (A/F)
Cage size
Lifting height
1000 1240/2240 2005/820 6000/4000 3D
1300 1390/2690 2005/820 6000/4000 3D

WALL-MAN models

Download Reglo Pneumatic Manlift Platforms ENG

Download WALL-MAN XL product data sheet ENG

Download WALL-MAN XL 1300 product data sheet ENG