October 16, 2015



Painting of very expensive aircraft components requires extremely high accuracy of workmanship. This places great demands on personnel access platforms in terms of manoeuvrability. The WALL-MAN® provides the required accuracy in that the operator has full control of left/right, up/down and in/out movements using the ergonomically correctly placed joysticks.


Commercial vehicles

Commercial heavy utility vehicles have traditionally been the most important area of use for the WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN access platforms. Manufacturers, body builders and repair and maintenance shops all over the world have found WALL-MAN to be the optimum work platform in their spray booths/paint shops. Operator safety, improved quality of workmanship, a better working environment and increased productivity are important elements ensuring that the investment will generate high returns.



There is a increasing number of WALL-MANs sold to manufacturers of rolling stock (trains, trams and light rail vehicles). More and more people are discovering the advantages of fast and flexible three-dimensional movement: left/right, up/down and in/out. The WALL-MAN can be modified to meet special requirements, for example by moving the door to the front, extending the mast etc.



From Korea via the Falklands to the UK the WALL-MAN is valued by the defence sector due to its reliability and modest maintenance requirements. In addition to paint application, the defence sector uses the WALL-MAN for several other tasks.


Bus and coach

The WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN access platforms were initially designed for buses and lorries. Small maintenance shops as well as large international manufactures of buses and coaches have put the excellent properties of the Reglo platform to good use. Adaptation to each individual cabin and ideal distance to the object are features that ensure economy and a perfect coat of paint.



WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN access platform are now being used by an ever increasing number of businesses. From the biggest wind turbine blades to the smallest conveyer parts – from conventional coating of large surfaces to powder-coating of open steel structures – WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN platform can be adapted for most situations in which paint is applied.


Paint booth manufacturers

After 30 years on the market, the WALL-MAN has been approved by most manufacturers of paint booths in most locations worldwide. The WALL-MAN is widely recognised for its reliability and long service life, and can be installed in the vast majority of paint booths. Reglo works closely with all the paint booth manufacturers to provide users with the ideal combination of booth and access platform.


Other uses

We are always discovering new applications for the WALL-MAN concept. There is a need for personnel access platforms in connection with the powder painting of increasingly large objects. Jet-cleaning of large pieces of machinery is another area for which Reglo can provide WALL-MANs with suitable surface coating. Chain drive can be supplied as an option. Do not hesitate to contact us for a list of relevant references.