August 27, 2015

About Reglo

Reglo AS is located in Andebu, Norway. Reglo AS manufactures the pneumatically operated access platforms WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN™ for worldwide distribution. The pneumatic man lifts are designed to operate in spray booth or preparation booth. All production and development of the man lifts is taking place in Andebu, Norway. Reglo AS is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Present for over 30 years

The WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN™ pneumatic man lifts have been present in the market for more than 30 years. This makes WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN™ a recognized and valued system.

Reglo AS also produces the LIFTMAN FOLD, a man lift designed for use in the oil and gas industry. The LIFTMAN FOLD can be used for offshore and onshore oil installations. This product can also be used in the chemical industry as well where gases and fumes may be present.

Worldwide export

The WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN™ systems have been exported to over 40 countries, and entered various segments. Segments would be traditional commercial vehicles to military, aerospace, rail and engineering. In addition to WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN, Reglo also supplies EFFEX – well-reputed fume and dust extraction products. EFFEX is also manufactured on the same site in Norway for worldwide distribution.

We at Reglo AS will continue to improve our products in accordance with laws, norms and standards, needs and requirements from the market and users. Reglo will work towards being the preferred partner in the market.

Short video presentation of Reglo AS:

Below is a short introduction video of Reglo. If you want to watch more videos from Reglo, then please visit our YouTube-channel.

Reglo AS' location - Andebu Næringspark, Norway