October 30, 2015

Distributors extraction products

Distributors extraction products

We are currently expanding our network of partners and distributors of dust and fume extraction products. Please do make contact if your company would like to investigate this business opportunity.

If a Reglo-partner is not available for you in your country, we encourage you to contact us directly for more information, quotes, proposals etc:

E-mail: info@reglo.no

Phone: +47 33 43 02 80


Lincoln Electric, North America… www.lincolnelectric.co

Kalkhof Absaugtechnik, Germany… http://www.absaugtechnik-kalkhof.de/

SULT GmbH Staub- und Lufttechnik, Germany… https://www.sult.de/

Trea Trade, Croatia… http://www.treatrade.hr/

Oliver Spray Equipment Pty Ltd., Australia… www.olivertechnologies.com.au

Sol Y Sol, Spain… http://welding.solysol.com.es/