September 11, 2015


liftman-offshore_gul_forfra_kurvoppe-toppnede_2015_dypets_eLIFTMAN FOLD MAN LIFT

Reglo’s Liftman Fold man lift is designed and developed for the offshore and onshore segments for oil and gas installations and the chemical industry.

Typical this would be offshore oil and gas installations / riggs, onshore oil and gas installations / riggs and various chemical plants. This portable work platform has built-in safety features to ensure safe operations both onshore, offshore and inland chemical plants. Today, the Liftman Fold man lift is in operation at oil & gas offshore platforms.

The certified pneumatic personal man lift – Liftman Fold – reduces the need for scaffolds when doing maintenance. Avoiding the use of scaffolds reduces the cost and time spent on maintenance work. Planned and unplanned maintenance work can be executed in a very effective and cost saving way.  The foldable man lift also increases the safety for working at height on offshore or onshore platform.

As offshore, onshore and chemical plants have ATEX-zones (where explosive gases and fumes are present), they would require equipment which complies with norms and standards for operation in these environments, combined with compliance to safety regulations for work at height. The Liftman Fold man lift  complies with operation in an ATEX environment combined with the laws and regulations for working at height. It is even certified for operations outdoors as well.

The Liftman Fold man lift has a foldable mast, which allows the man lift to be transported through narrow passages, and into ie elevators, so that the unit can be moved to another level inside a platform or building for maintenance work. The personal man lift – Liftman Fold – is moved manually by using an integrated handle. The up/down function is driven by compressed air. In cases where no outlet for compressed air is available, scuba diving tanks can be used. The Liftman Fold can be used with the mast folded as well.

The portable Liftman Fold pneumatic man lift system offer many features and benefits to the customer:

  • Better safety for the operator when performing work at height
  • Manual steering and movement
  • An extra outlet for air tools inside the basket
  • Foldable mast for easy access to narrow passages and to enter inside buildings
  • Can also be operated (up/down) when mast is folded
  • Can be used indoors and out doors – flexible solution
  • Built in safety features
  • Twin wheels as option (where wide grating is present)
  • Folding function enables passage through lower doors etc.
  • Entirely pneumatically operated
  • Occupies a minimum of floor space
  • Sharp turning circle for easy access
  • Controls and air outlet inside the cage
  • Outriggers are standard
  • Delivered ready-to-use
  • CE, CAS and UL certified (executed by TÜV and UL)
  • ATEX compliant

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Video of the Liftman Fold man lift:














Design: Fully mobile with fold-down function of mast

Construction: Welded steel

Finish: RAL 1023

Weight: 470 kg

Energy: Entirely pneumatically operated

Payload: 140 kg (1 person + equipment)

Lifting height:
Floor height, unfolded; 2.730 mm
Floor height, folded; 1.670 mm

Working range: No range limit

Lifting: hand-lever valve in cage
Driving/steering: Manual steering and driving (using handle)

Air supply: 6-8 bar, min. 100 l/min.
A compressed air outlet for air tools is provided inside the cage.

Approvals: CE, CAS and UL. ATEX compliant.

An optional compressed air container (300 bar) can be used in locations where compressed air are not available
(approximately 10-15 up-down operations).


  • Safety flow restrictors in case of air loss
  • Chain slack protection


  • Non slip floor in cage
  • Signal horn
  • Chain protection panels
  • Hook in cage for safety harness
  • Self closing hinges
  • Self closing latches
  • Emergency lowering

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