New extraction solution for industrial welding using welding robots

New extraction solution for industrial welding using welding robots

Reglo has with its high vacuum-series for extraction of smoke, gas, dust, fumes, particles, liquid developed a new and cost-efficient solution for extracting pollution from welding directly from the source when using industrial welding robots. You can now use smaller amount of air to extract dust, smoke, fumes etc from where it actually originates.

Today, more and more companies are turning to automated processes for industrial welding. However, still dangerous and harmful smoke and fumes are present in the environment. Smoke contains dust, oil and particles which have a deteriorating effect on the production equipment itself (industrial welding robots), yielding maintenance and stop of the production.

How extraction of smoke and fumes typically is being done today using welding robots

In today’s use of industrial welding robots, the following can be observed;

  • A specially ventilated cabin or cell is built around the welding robot, collecting the pollution with a large exhaust hood in the roof of the cabin or cell.
  • The solution will limit the area of pollution (smoke, fumes etc) and collect the pollution which arises during the welding.
  • BUT, as the smoke and fumes are being extracted towards the roof, the production equipment etc will be exposed to all the smoke and fumes, and covered with the pollution which contains dust, oil and particles and have a deteriorating effect on the industrial welding robots.

The above is very costly, requiring a large space/area, consumption of energy, increasing the need for maintenance and increasing the overall costs of operation.

How the solution combining EFFEX’s high vacuum products can affect your production

Reglo has in cooperation with an industrial specialist developed some small and specially designed suction nozzles and hose sets – shaped according to the form and design of the welding torch and the robot’s pattern of movement.

Using this solution special hoses and high vacuum extraction, you can now focus the extraction close to the welding source and extract the pollution at the source before it spreads in the working environment and deteriorates the welding robots with all the pollution.

Let the video below show you how it all works;

EFFEX will lower your overall costs and need for maintenance

With EFFEX high vacuum extraction combined with the special hoses and nozzles, your production will use smaller amount of air to extract smoke, gas, dust, fumes, particles, liquid directly from the source of the welding/pollution. In this ingenious way, all the above problems related to the traditional way of handling extraction of pollution from industrial welding robots are solved.

Your production will lower its overall costs and increase its production capacity through;

  • Lower the use of air to extract the pollution generated from the welding robots
  • Reduce the need for extra space around the welding robot – ie more robots can be used in the designated area of production
  • You will lower your cost for maintenance and time spent on maintenance as the pollution is being extracted directly from the source of the welding, instead of being “dragged” over the production equipment (robot)
  • Longer production line as the need for maintenance is heavily reduced

Do the smart thing, be effective with EFFEX

Do the smart thing today – gain a competitive advantage and effectiveness with the implementation of the EFFEX-solution, combining high vacuum extraction and special designed hoses and nozzles. Collect all the pollution right from its source and keep your working environment healthy for all your workers and an effective production line. Let the new solution from Reglo and its EFFEX-series be an integrated part of your plan for lowering your overall costs and increasing your production. Reglo can tailor and customize its solutions for your production line and specific need.

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