September 11, 2015


liftman_forfra_nede_2015_red-logo_eLIFTMAN MAN LIFT

Reglo’s small Liftman – a pneumatic man lift – is designed to operate in both preparation and spray booths / paint booths. Spray booths / painting booth are typical ATEX environments where explosive gases and fumes may be present. NOTE, no electrical man lift is allowed to operate in an ATEX-environment unless it is EX-proof.

Where you would use the Liftman

The Liftman portable man lift runs on compressed air and is ATEX compliant. Its small size makes is a perfect solution for smaller booths, where the distance between the wall and object is small, and for booths handling objects in different shapes and forms (small and large objects). The attached hose reel is 9,9 meters, but one can extend the hose on the man lift, making it possible to drive even further.

Typically, one would see the Liftman movable man lift in booths where buses, commercial vehicles (cv), trams are being painted or in various booths where preparation (sanding, masking etc) would take place. The Liftman is a perfect man lift for preparation areas, which very often is the “bottleneck” in the production.


The Liftman man lift only needs to be connected to compressed air, and its hose and reel allows the self propelled Liftman to travel freely inside the booth – in all directions. Using air as energy also keeps the operational costs low. Air is commonly installed in many places in side a spray booth or preparation booth.

How you control the Liftman

A foot pedal is being used to move the Liftman forward and backward, enabling the operator to use both hands for work on the object while driving alongside the object. The Liftman access work platform has an user-friendly control panel. The operator can control the man lift from the cage and move ie up/down, right/left, forward/backward at the same time. There is also an extra outlet for air inside the cage (for air tools), which makes it a flexible solution.

Durable man lift

The Liftman motorized man lift is a durable man lift and designed to last for 25 years (8 hours per day, 250 days per year), justifying the investment and ensuring a efficient booth for years to come.

The Liftman’s features and benefits to the customer:

  • Better safety for the operator when performing work at height
  • A man lift with very low life time costs
  • Increased performance and efficiency in the paint booth – less overspray
  • Entirely pneumatically operated
  • An extra outlet for air tools inside the cage
  • Steering and driving independent of height
  • Self-centering steering for easy maneuvering
  • Occupies a minimum of floor space
  • Sharp turning cycle for easy access
  • Controls and air inlet inside the cage
  • Twin wheels as option for increased stability (where wide grating is present)
  • Delivered ready-to-use
  • CE, CSA and UL certified (executed by TÜV and UL)
  • ATEX compliant

Read more here about the benefits of the LIFTMAN pneumatic man lift.

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Video of the Liftman man lift


liftman context digger


Design: Fully mobile

Construction: Welded steel

Finish: RAL 3002

Weight: 400 kg

Energy: Entirely pneumatically operated

Payload: 140 kg (1 person + equipment)

Lifting height: Floor height 2.750 med mer

Working height: Approx 2.75m + 2.25m, total 5.0m

Working range: Up to 10 m radius from connection point for compressed air

Lifting: hand-lever valve in cage
Driving: Foot pedal on cage floor
Steering: Hand-lever valve in cage

Air supply: 6-8 bar, min. 350 l/min supplied via a 10 m air hose on a self-retracting reel in the base.
A compressed air outlet for air tools is provided inside the cage.

Approvals: CE, CAS and UL certified. ATEX compliant.


  • Safety flow restrictors in case of air loss
  • Chain slack protection


  • Non slip floor in cage
  • Signal horn
  • Chain protection panels
  • Hook in cage for safety harness
  • Self closing hinges
  • Self closing latches
  • Emergency lowering