January 17, 2017

T&C / Warranty

Terms and Conditions Reglo AS

If not agreed differently, the following terms and conditions apply:


Offer and Order

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, offers are valid for 60 days.
  • Upon receipt of order, Reglo will send a written confirmation to customer. This confirmation is our formal and legal document. No order is valid unless written confirmation has been made.
  • Cancellation of order after receipt of order confirmation will be charged with 20% of the original order sum.


Prices and Payment

2.1   All prices are net excl. VAT.

2.2  The customer will be charged for costs arising due to:

  • Incomplete, insufficient or wrong information ahead of the order.
  • Changes or expansions of orders upon customer‘s request after receipt of the order.
  • Delays and other circumstances caused by the customer.

2.3   Reglo is obligated to inform the customer about circumstances that cause a price change.

2.4   Payment has to be done according to agreed terms.

2.5   Delay in payment will be charged with interests at current rates.

2.6   Invoicing has to be according to the confirmed order price.

2.7   The goods remain Reglo’s property untill full payment has been made.



3.1   Reglo is not responsible for variations of the agreed delivery time caused by the customer.

3.2   The delivery and passing of risk and transportation costs from Reglo to customer occurs when the goods are delivered to the agreed delivery point, normally Ex Works Andebu, ref. Incoterms 2010.

3.3   Reglo has to inform the customer immediately about circumstances leading to a different delivery date.

3.4   If a storage of the ordered goods is requested by the customer, then this exclusively takes place on calculation and risk of the customer. The payment has to take place as agreed upon when the goods are ready for delivery Ex Works Andebu. The customer is responsible for the normal insurance of the goods.


Other terms

4.2   Reglo is entitled, on our own behalf and risk, to engage subcontractors, if necessary to fulfil the complete or parts of our contract.

4.3   Costs arising because of failure to deliver or delivery loss due to Force Majeur, are not covered by Reglo.

4.4   Complaints are to be announced immediately and at the latest after 8 days starting from incoming goods. The responsibility of Reglo limits itself on fault rectification by repair, subsequent delivery or – in cases with less substantial lacks – price reduction.

4.5   Governing Law: All orders shall be governed by, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the laws of Norway.

12 Months Warranty Period for Wall-Man, Liftman & EFFEX

Reglo AS warrants to the original purchaser that the Wall-man® and Liftman™ pneumatic lifts and EFFEX extraction products, which includes components contained in the shipment of pneumatic lifts (“Product”) will be free from material defects and defects in workmanship for a period of one year (12 months), from the original date of shipment from Reglo AS, OR the use of the products for 2000 hours – whatever comes first (the “Warranty Period”). This warranty is valid in Europe, North-America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

If this product is determined to be materially defective during the warranty period, the original purchaser sole remedy and Reglo AS’ sole and exclusive liability is limited to repair or replacement of the product with a factory-recertified product and/or new product, and/or parts, at Reglo AS’ option. If the products can be repaired at location, an official Reglo AS-partner is to conduct the work, or Reglo AS can appoint a third-party to conduct the repair/work. If the original purchaser, in cooperation with Reglo AS, is to do the work, then repair time and spare parts are covered by the warranty. In cases where there are no competent third-party to do the repair or no official Reglo AS-partner is present, the product must be delivered and returned at the user’s cost and risk. For the purpose of this limited warranty and liability, “factor-recertified” means a product that has been returned to its original specifications.

This warranty does not apply if the product:

(A)    Is used with products that are not compatible with the product;

(B)    Is used with peripherals Reglo AS does not sell or license, including enhancement devices, controllers, valves, adaptors, supply devices etc (“Non-Licensed Peripherals”);

(C)    Is used for other purposes and functions and not according to our specifications.

(D)   Is modified or tampered with;

(E)    Is damaged by act of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, wear and tear, unreasonable use, or by causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship; or

(F)    Has had the serial number altered, defaced or removed.

(G)   Failure to carry out maintenance as specified in the documentation supplied

This warranty does not cover consumables (such as for instance nylon-rollers, wheels, break pads – wear and tear-parts – for man lifts and filters, adapters and hoses for extraction products).

Reglo AS may void this warranty if:

(1)    The product is used with non-licensed peripherals – the buyer assume all risks and liabilities associated with the use of third-party Products

Except as expressly stated above, Reglo AS excludes all liability for loss of profit, or any loss or damage suffered by the buyer or any third party, whether those damages are direct, indirect, consequential, special or incidental and however arising under any theory of law, as a result of using the products.

As a result of a warranty-claim, and resulting service/repair/change of parts etc, the warranty applies for the longer of:

(i)                  90 days from the date that Reglo AS ships the Product(s) or a recertified product(s); or

(ii)                The original Warranty Period

This warranty is provided to you in lieu of all expressed or implied warranties.

Orders under 850 NOK are charged with a “small-order-fee” of 75NOK.