WALL-MAN platforms to Brazil

WALL-MAN platforms run all over the world!

Wall-Man pneumatic lifts are used in more than 40 countries world-wide. Excellent performance and high quality materials are the key factors to the successful export of these lifts throughout the world. As a result, we dare to say that WALL-MAN©platforms run all over the world!

From Norway, up here in the north, we have exported Wall-Man and LIFTMAN ™not only to our neighbours in Europe, but also to countries far away. Wall-man pneumatic lifts run in South-America, China, Singapore and Australia amongst other regions. Despite the long distances, we are proud to announce that we rarely experience any problems with the transportation nor the installations.

3 sets of Wall-Man 1300 went to Erzinger Indústria Mecânica ltda in Brazil this summer

In early summer 2020, 3 sets of Wall-Man 1300 went to Erzinger Indústria Mecânica ltda.

With more than 40 years in the market, Erzinger is the largest manufacturer in Brazil of equipment for surface pre-treatment systems, painting and drying of liquid paint, electrostatic powder and KTL (E-coat), metal-mechanical, furniture, plastic, electro-electronic, agro-industrial, among others.

Please have a look at their website: https://erzinger.com.br/en/homepage/. A Wall-Man can be seen if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

The 6 Wall-Man were successfully installed by Erzinger immediately after they arrived in Brazil. Erzinger’s end customer is manufacturer of transport sector implements (trailers, semi-trailers, truck body, railway wagons, parts, etc.) and situated in the south of Brazil. The platforms are used in the painting booths for that equipment.

Congratulations to Erzinger

Hereby, we would like to express our congratulations to Erzinger with the large contract and a smoothly performed installation.

In an email in July, Erzinger announced that “We and our client are both very satisfied”. They also wanted to share some images from their brand new paint booth installation:



Thank you Erzinger! We appreciate your hard work very much – and look forward to future cooperation in Brazil.