August 10, 2016

A cleaner, healthier environment with EFFEX

With EFFEX industrial extraction products you are ensured a cleaner an healthier environment.

EFFEX extraction solutions – low, medium and high vacuum extraction

The innovative EFFEX extraction solutions are extremely flexible solutions produced made after very high quality requirements for industrial ventilation, pollution control, welding smoke removal with more. The products have been present in the market since 1972, and have been exported to many countries worldwide. The MB-serie (Minibuster) is widely spread in many different segments. We are very proud of our solutions for the high vacuum segment – extracting gas, smoke, dust, medium/heavy particles and water/liquid. The most flexible solutions for changing requirements and demands in the market.

Keywords for the EFFEX product line:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • User-friendliness
  • Cost-effective

The EFFEX industrial extraction solution product range supports most of the demands in the market today. The choice of extraction solution depends on what to extract, and how many extraction points used simultaneously there are. Contact Reglo today, and we will help you find the right products for your requirements. The EFFEX extraction products are easily combined and can be customized to fit the requirements – smaller units connected to central systems, various central systems.

  • Extracting smoke and gas;

    low vacuum extraction units consisting of various extraction arms for extracting smoke and gas.

  • Extracting fume and dust;

    medium vacuum unit product line called SM Fans for extracting smoke, gas, fume and dust.

  • Extracting liquid and particles;

    high vacuum product line consisting of MB-serie (Minibuster) extraction units, SP Fan central units, swing-arms, various nozzles, duct systems and hoses and adapters. Solutions from a single user to multiple users can be offered for extracting smoke, gas, fume, dust, particles and liquid.


NEW VIDEO of the portable MB-190 ventilating a fume extraction torch

Watch the MB-190 ventilate a fume extraction torch during welding:

NEW extraction solution for industrial welding using welding robots

Take a look at our video for our new solution for handling industrial welding in combination with welding robots:


Click here for more information about low, mid and high vacuum products.

EFFEX extraction products can be found in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Heavy industry
  • Ship building
  • Steel construction
  • Food industry/bakeries
  • Paper industry
  • and more…

Find more information about the different kinds of extraction in the menu on the right and the correct product OR contact us at (phone: +47 33 43 02 80) for us to help you set up a solution.