September 11, 2015


wm-xl_2015_whitespaceWALL-MAN XL MAN LIFT

The Wall-Man XL is a much bigger man lift than the original Wall-Man. The large Wall-Man XL man lift is designed to target the very large spray booths with large object to be worked upon. The Wall-Man XL pneumatic man lift gives you extra height for really tall objects and working space for two operators inside the basket.


The big Wall-Man XL is purely a pneumatic man lift system, designed to work in an ATEX environment, where explosive gases and fumes may be present. With its wide and large cage and increased lifting capacity, it is ideal for two persons working on large and long objects, such as large trains. Wall-Man XL only need to be supplied with compressed air as energy, with a recommended pressure of 7 bars. Air is accessible many places inside a paint booth.

Typical use of Wall-Man XL

The Wall-Man XL is a large fixed access platform, which typically would be installed in booths where painting or preparation work on tall and large object is being done. The large cage and lifting capacity of the Wall-Man XL also gives the opportunity to lift 2 operators to work at the object at the same time.

How you control the Wall-Man XL

The Wall-Man XL man lift is controlled by the operator from a control console located in the front of the platform, this allows the operator to face forward and observe the area as they move the man lift. The man lift travels on a rail system on the ground and has upper guiding rail fixed to the wall of the booth.


The X-axis travel (left and right movement of the lift) allows the lift to travel back and forth along the length of the booth on the upper rail system.


The Z-axis travel (up and down movement of the platform) provides the ability to elevate the operator platform from a lowered position to a maximum height of 6,0 meters, giving the operator approx. a working height of 7,9 meters.


The Y-axis travel (in and out motion of the operator platform) provides the ability to move the operator platform from a retracted position from the wall to a fully extended position of 2,690 meters (from the booth wall to the front of the operator platform).

What is the difference between a standard Wall-Man and a Wall-Man XL?

The main difference between a Wall-Man and a Wall-Man XL is how it is installed, capacity and size. A Wall-Man XL would rin with rails on the the ground, while a standard Wall-Man would have its lower wheels on the wall. A Wall-Man XL have a much wider cage, suitable for good working space for two persons and can lift 250 kgs.

The fixed Wall-Man XL’s features and benefits to the customer:

  • Better safety for the operator(s) when performing work at height
  • A work platform with low life time costs
  • Increased performance and efficiency – less overspray
  • 250 kg lifting capacity/payload
  • 2 m cage width
  • An extra outlet for air tools inside the cage is provided
  • Maximum lifting height 6 m
  • Three dimensional movement (including telescoping movement)
  • Built in safety features
  • Made to order to fit the customer or booth requirements (spray and/or preparation booth and object)
  • CE, CSA and UL certified (executed by TÜV and UL)
  • ATEX compliant

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Design: Mounted on the wall – ergonomic operation

Construction: Welded steel

Finish: RAL 5015

Net weight: 790 kg

Energy: Entirely pneumatically operated

Functions: Three dimensional movement; up/down, in/out, left/right

Characteristics: Easy to install, minimum of maintenance.

Models: From 1000 to 1300 mm telescopic extension –
lifting height (floor of cage) up to 6 m

Payload: 250 kg (two persons + equipment)

Controls: Inside cage: Up/down, in/out, left/right
At ground level: Up/down

Brakes: Brake system in rail for steady positioning.
Optional: brakes on lower support wheels.

Air supply: 6-8 bar, min. 350 ltr/minute supplied via hoses on self-retracting
reels or via energy chain. A compressed air outlet for air tools is provided in the cage.

Imposed loads:
Upper rail: Vertical load approx. 0 kg
Horizontal load approx. 163 kg
Lower support wheels: Vertical load 1040 kg
Horizontal load approx. 163 kg
(Model XL 1000 – std. lifting height)

Approvals: CE, CAS and UL certified. ATEX compliant.

- Safety flow restrictors in case of air loss
- Chain straightener
- Safety factor 11 on lifting chains
- Safety chain on air supply
- Chain slack protection

- Brake system for steady parking
- Guide rollers to centre the travel in top rail
- Rubber stoppers in rail
- Loss of air pressure allows manual movement

- Pressurized cylinders for steady positioning
- Loss of air pressure allows manual movement

- Non slip floor in cage
- Signal horn
- Chain protection panels
- Hook in cage for safety harness
- Self closing hinges
- Self closing latches
- Emergency lowering

standard models
Distance from wall
min/max (A/F)
Cage size
Lifting height
1000 1240/2240 2005/820 6000/4000 3D
1300 1390/2690 2005/820 6000/4000 3D

WALL-MAN models