September 24, 2015

Find the right solution

Finding the right solution may sometime be a time-consuming process. We have tried to simplify the process below in the table below.

Finding the right EFFEX extraction solution

The table below shows you the different EFFEX product and what it can extract.

Find right extration solution
Table: Finding you EFFEX solution

From the table above, you will see that high vacuum solutions will cover all the needs, giving the user the flexibility in the daily operations (different things to extract). Also if the need changes, the EFFEX high vacuum solutions will still cope with the change in the production.

How to use the EFFEX product table:

From the EFFEX product table above you should follow the 4 steps:

Step 1: Decide what to extract

Step 2: Decide number of operators

Step 3: Decide for type of product

Step 4: Ask for, or download leaflets and technical specifications of preferred products and accessories. Downloads can be found here.

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