Air supply for the WALL-MAN pneumatic lift

The WALL-MAN is an efficient tool with regards to painting large vehicles. In this article, we will focus on the different methods of the air supply for the WALL-MAN pneumatic lift.

A Hose Reel supplies the WALL-MAN with air

Most frequently, a hose reel supplies the WALL-MAN with air. Hose reels are normally configured for just a single hose although there are a limited range of reels available that can carry two hoses.

In this video you will see a typical installation where a hose reel supplies the WALL-MAN with air.

Air (and other) Supplies using Energy Chains as an alternative to Hose Reels

When a WALL-MAN requires a second hose or cable leading to it, you should consider arranging the air (and other) supplies using Energy Chains as an alternative to Hose Reels.

These consist of rectangular box links in which hoses or other cables can be inserted and ‘bunched’ together. All supplies enter the cabin at the same fixed point and the services are delivered to the WALL-MAN as it moves along its rail. A typical overhead energy chain supply is shown below:

Energy chains can also be laid in a trough on the floor and that has some additional advantages.

The advantages of using Energy Chains:

  • A simple method for multiple air supplies – and often the only method in very long cabins/booths
  • Can include supplies other than compressed air e.g. electrical cables and vacuum hoses
  • It’s a neat system avoiding having extra hoses near ground level being dragged to the WALL-MAN
  • All cables/hoses are protected inside the chain reducing natural wear and eliminating tension as found in reels

The negative considerations are:

  • Added cost when comparing a single hose on a reel with the energy chain – where a proper comparison can be made.
  • Longer installation time, maybe a day or two.

Various types of energy chains for WALL-MAN

There are various types of energy chain for WALL-MAN. The chain may be installed above the lift or on the floor. The solution will depend upon your need.

Overhead energy chain for WALL-MAN

The Overhead energy chain for WALL-MAN is usually mounted in a steel-sided trough which is fixed above the WALL-MAN top rail. The trough supports normally rest on the top surface of the upper rail and can be secured to the cabin wall with self-tapping screws or rivets. There is very little horizontal force needed to retain the supports but technical advice should be sought. Overhead chains generally cannot be used in divided booths as the dividing door would have to cut through the troughs and possibly the chain. There are circumstances where a divided cabin/booth is in the proportion 70:30 where it may be installed but consultation at design stage must be made.

Floor installed energy chain for WALL-MAN

The Floor installed Energy chain for WALL-MAN has the advantage that the trough/trench in which it lays is independent of whether a dividing door in the cabin is open or closed no matter where the division occurs. It provides power to the WALL-MAN in the same concept except the air supply must be fed separately to the inlet point. Other considerations for floor installed chains are dust/dirt ingress and maintenance issues.

The local WALL-MAN suppliers will find the optimal solution

The correct air supply solution depends upon your needs. Our local WALL-MAN suppliers will find the optimal solution for you. They have installed many dozens of energy chain systems world-wide and are pleased to offer assistance at the planning stage.

Please search for your local distributor here, or contact to be directed to the correct local dealer.

Selection criteria needed for a quotation

  • Chain size must be adequate for all sizes and separations of the hoses (and other items)
  • Bending radius to be equal to or larger than the minimum recommended for the largest hose
  • Width of chain sufficient to ensure stability of the loop in the chain
  • Stroke (Length) of travel required
  • Energy chain manufacturers are likely to be able to advise
  • List all components required for costing and supply purposes which includes: Chains; Chain and fixings; Hose & cable clamps, Troughs; Support brackets; Hose end bracket to fit to WALL-MAN and of course the hoses and cables.