Preparation area is key, but sometime the bottleneck…

Preparation is key, but sometime the bottleneck…

Many spray booth owners and operators of spray booths will tell you that in hectic periods the preparation phase can and will fall behind schedule. Resulting in longer lead time for the finished products – the painted objects such as commercial vehicles, trucks, trains etc. Preparations is key in the final process of painting the object, but many cases also the bottleneck.

Prepare your objects in time

Normally most object needs to be prepared before entering the spray booth for painting. You don’t want paint sprayed on certain areas such as glass, fenders etc, and these areas must be masked. And if you are looking at objects being retrofitted, one would need to make the surface smooth again, removing rust and so on. The latter involves adding material to uneven surface and sanding it down to a smooth surface. All this is manual work which takes time. The goal is to do this as fast as possible and get the object ready for the paint process. It is the finished goods you get paid for, not the job in between.

Focus on the end-product or the value chain?

Do you have to make choice of what is most important? The end-product or the value chain? Well, you don’t. If you consider the end-product to be the most important thing for your company, you should look with eager eyes on the value chain. This is where you save money, increase efficiency, create a safe working environment, which as a result produces your end product. Today, there are efficient solutions which supports your value chain in preparation of the object, reducing or eliminating the bottleneck before the object goes into the spray booth for the actual paint job.

Increasing the efficiency in the preparation phase

One way of speeding up the process in the preparation booth is to get rid of all the old ladders and scaffolds, which demands space, and in some cases, are designed for one type of object, and install some more flexible solutions. Solutions which allow the workers to spend most of their time in a working position, instead of being on the ground moving and climbing ladders or scaffolds. Autonomous pneumatic man lifts, such as the LIFTMAN can be used both in the preparation booth and in the spray booth, offering a flexible solution where the owner can shift the equipment to the different ends of the process depending on the workload in the different phases.

Increasing the safety for the workers

Where regular or frequent access to height is required, permanent safe access arrangements should be installed. Meaning that ladders, if used, should not be used. A survey from Health and Safety Executive – UK shows that accidents from ladders from work at height is approx 40% (Health and Safety Executive – UK aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health). Normally this should be steps and platform with handrails (1.1 meter). When portable equipment is used for temporary access, it is important that it is not restricted to that which happens to be at hand. For example, a LIFTMAN will improve the safety of the workers.

Why use pneumatic autonomous man lifts?

When getting rid of all old ladders and scaffolds, the floor is open for a more flexible work processes. Using a pneumatic man lift such as the LIFTMAN, the workers can stay in their work positions and move around on the object to execute the different tasks, without having to move around on ground level to move and position ladders or scaffolds. Further, the operators will at all times be in a safe environment, secured by rails around the cage of the man lift. As these man lifts normally are fitted with an extra air outlet inside the cage, there will not be any hoses laying around on the floor, and changing air tools is simple and time saving. The operators will of course not tire as easily as when working from ladder or scaffolds, as they normally do not get in to the correct work positions as they will do with a LIFTMAN man lift.

What can such an investment do for your business?

Of course, everything depends on how you have organized your work and process today. All investments should have an positive impact on your business. Normally, the efficiency by using a pneumatic autonomous man lift will increase more if you currently have longer objects to work on – the longer the object the more efficiency can be the output. In business cases the increase in efficiency has varied from 30% to 40%. And in some cases a 50-60% increase has been witnessed The jobs get done faster, bottlenecks avoided, invoices are faster sent out and the personnel involved in the production are kept safe. In short, the work flow is increased, the cashflow is more solid and accidents are avoided. A healthy investment for your business.