New certificate for Wall-Man

New certificate for Wall-Man

24th Feb. 2017, Reglo received a new EC-certificate for Wall-Man, from TÜV Nord Cert GmbH Essen.

The previous certificates are still valid.

The new certificate now allows a nominal load of 200 kg or 2 persons with tools, and also the choice of an extended basket up to 1200mm width. The air supply must be minimum 8 bars to allow the Wall-Man to run properly with 200 kg in the basket.

Previously the nominal load was limited to 150 kg. This increase of 50 kg means a higher efficiency because 2 persons can work simultaneously in the lift.

We are proud of this new certificate. According to our quality strategy and ISO 9001-certificate, it is important for us to provide reliable and safe equipment according to the latest standards and norms.

Please see the whole certificate here.