Reglo AS – the whole world is our market

The concept of pneumatically operated working platforms was introduced at the end of the 1970s. Back then, ladders and scaffolding were often used in the process of painting large vehicles. Paint products are mainly flammable and explosive, and this limits the use of all types of electrical working platforms.

From the left: Torgeir Buodd and Øystein Ellefsrød

From the left: Torgeir Buodd and Øystein Ellefsrød

-Our first pneumatic working platform was delivered in 1982, the CEO of Reglo, Øystein Ellefsrød, informs. It was more or less “home-made” in a paint shop for trucks. The company Andebu Mekanikk AS was given the production rights to the lifts.

Soon they discovered that there was a world-wide potential for this niche product, and a sales and marketing organization had to be established. That’s why Reglo AS was founded, nearly 30 years ago.

In 2022 Andebu Mekanikk AS has merged with Reglo AS, and the marketing efforts have paid off: Today the whole world is our market.


Pneumatic platforms of three varieties

-We deliver pneumatic platforms of three varieties, and with a wide range of customized solutions, Torgeir Buodd, the Technical Director explains.

The WALL-MAN® is perfect for paint booths for large vehicles;  e.g. trucks, planes, helicopters, buses, trams and railway wagons. Typically, a WALL-MAN working platform hung from rails on each side of the paint booth. The working platform runs back and forth throughout the cabin’s longitudinal direction, and also up and down vertically. The operator easily controls the movements from his working position in the platform cage.

The LIFTMAN is self-propelled. The operator in the cage will typically drive it around in the workshop, to the position where it is needed. The air is supplied via an air hose from a convenient outlet then connected to the LIFTMAN.

The LIFTMAN FOLD is specially designed for the oil and gas industry. It may operate on- and offshore, on floating installations and in refineries onshore. It runs on compressed air, and when no air hoses are available, a diver’s tank may be used. It is very flexible and may be folded over to pass through small spaces.

Safe working environment

Creating a safe working environment was an important intention of the platform developments. Although being used in Ex environments with highly flammable gases, pneumatic platforms do not represent any risk of fire or explosion, compared with hydraulic platforms which may be subject to hydraulic oil leakage.

Another important issue was to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Ladders and stepladders may cause accidents when working at heights. Injuries caused by falls are frequently common in working areas. Working non-ergonomically with ladders and stepladders also causes muscle- and skeletal diseases.

Countless applications leading to increased productivity in paint booths

Reglo platforms have countless applications leading to increased productivity in paint booths, and not only for the car and truck industry, Øystein Ellefsrød explains. Reglo platforms have been delivered for countless applications; for instance bus-, plane-, helicopter- and all types of railway vehicle industries.

WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN platforms have been delivered throughout the whole world. We have 33 outlets in many countries. Various types of industry are found on the reference list. The aerospace sector is heavily represented, for example; we have delivered nearly 100 platforms to Airbus factories across Europe.

You may read about WALL-MAN® being part of the Airbus production in the UK here. – our worldwide partner network

Also, the defence industry is a major customer group. The most exotic locations so far are on the Falkland Islands and the Ascension Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Sea.

Having a WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN in your paint booth will increase your productivity and profitability. The work will be of higher quality; more accurate and less time consuming.

The platforms have low operating costs and high longevity.

Continuous development of the lifts

-Many have tried to copy us, and this forces us to keep continuous development of the lifts. WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN platforms are constantly subject to improvements proposed by our customers all over the world. We have a rational production enabling us to customize exactly to each customer’s needs. Besides, service is available all over the world. We use components from international suppliers. Our aim is to deliver the best quality and solve the needs of the customers, Ellefsrød concludes.