WALL-MAN® pneumatic lifts in Sweden

WALL-MAN® pneumatic lifts in Sweden We are happy to announce another installation of WALL-MAN® pneumatic lifts in Sweden. Congratulations to Bolest AB  who just delivered a new paint booth with a set of WALL-MAN access platforms. NCC has built a large railway workshop for Svenske Jernvegar in Käråkra, in the southern parts of Sweden. In this
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WALL-MAN platforms to Brazil

WALL-MAN platforms run all over the world! Wall-Man pneumatic lifts are used in more than 40 countries world-wide. Excellent performance and high quality materials are the key factors to the successful export of these lifts throughout the world. As a result, we dare to say that WALL-MAN©platforms run all over the world! From Norway, up
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