Wall-Man®lifts to Japan

Wall-Man® is a perfect man lift for spray booths all over the world. This summer Reglo delivered a set of Wall-Man® lifts to Japan – to our Japanese dealer;

KCV-PARTS specializes in import and distribution of products for the automobile sector; mainly truck parts from Europe.

Please have a view at their website for more information:

KCV-PARTS | 輸入トラック(スカニア、ボルボ、ベンツ)部品・アクセサリーの輸入/販売

Wall-Man® pneumatic lifts have long durability

The lifts, 2 ea Wall-Man® 1000/100,  were delivered to KCV-Part’s customer Atago-Body Co., Ltd. 

Atago-Body is a body builder for all kind of trucks and makes, produces and refurbishes trailers. The first delivery to Atago-Body Co. Ltd took place in 2006. The man lifts have been in daily use since then. The Wall-Man® pneumatic lifts have long durability, but now, after 15 years they need a major overhaul. Atago-Body Co., Ltd. is now expanding with more facilities so they needed even two more lifts. The old lifts will be overhauled and installed in the new paint booth too.

Once Wall-Man®: Always Wall-Man® !

High quality leads to repurchase. The Wall-Man® users are faithful users and stick to us. Often we experience this attitude from Wall-Man® users: Once Wall-Man®: Always Wall-Man® : -).

The Wall-Man® lifts were picked up in July and arrived in Japan this September. The replacement has been made and the new ones are now perfectly installed in the paint shop. We hope and believe that this new pair of Wall-Man® will contribute to high quality, flexible and safe paintwork.

Now Atago-Body have 4 pcs of Wall-Man® which will serve them well for at least another two decades. Thanks for your repurchase KCV-Parts! 👏