Successful exhibition at ONS 2018 in Stavanger Norway

Reglo AS was present during ONS 2018 in Stavanger in Norway – 27-30th of August. At ONS we displayed our onshore and offshore man lift for the oil and gas operators present. The exhibition was visited by approx. 68.000 visitors from 98 countries (source:

Great interest for the Liftman Fold man lift

Reglo AS displayed Liftman Fold man lift for the visitors of ONS 2018. Great interest for the Liftman Fold was shown by visitors from Norway and abroad. The man lift was demonstrated for keen visitors. When shown the whole demonstration and benefits, including the cost saving aspect, many expressed a desire to look more into the possibility to have it tested or take it right into production at an offshore or onshore oil and gas installation.

The Liftman Fold even made it to the front page of one of the largest regional newspaper in the district of Stavanger.








Picture: Managing Director Torgeir Buodd demonstrating the Liftman Fold

Short information on the Liftman Fold man lift

The Liftman Fold man lift runs on compressed air and can be operated safely in an ATEX-environment. The mast of the man lift can be folded, giving it access to narrow passages and it can also be transported into elevators onboard rigs. More information about the Liftman Fold can be found here: Information on Liftman Fold or see the video from practical work onboard a oil rig – giving you short and practical information: Video Liftman Fold onboard an oil rig

Liftman Fold man lift – a perfect solution to increase efficiency and lower cost

The Liftman Fold man lift has proven its worth not only by lower costs for the operators by removing the need for scaffolding when doing work at height, but also as a solution which increases both the efficiency and flexibility for work at height onboard oil rigs. Costs are being lowered each time the Liftman Fold man lift is in use, as the need for scaffolding is eliminated.

The Liftman Fold man lift is a game changer for work at heights on oil installations. It will provide flexibility, efficiency, lower cost compared to the traditional scaffolding being done. From a trial period of 6 months onboard an oil rig, 70-80 % of all work being done in the electrical and mechanical department, could be executed with the use of the Liftman Fold. Substantial lowering the costs during the 6-month trial period. The Liftman Fold man lift challenges the traditional slow and cost driving scaffolding currently being done on many oil installations.