A review of the year 2018 at Reglo

A year gone by at Reglo

2018 has passed and we are well into 2019. 2018 was a very good year for Reglo. Not only did Reglo increase the number of units sold compared to 2017, but we also saw good sales on our new product for the oil and gas sector – Liftman Fold. In 2018 Reglo also increased its visibility in the market with a substantial growth of number of visitors to our homepage.

Increasing sales at Reglo

In 2016 Reglo shifted its traditional approach to the market. New thoughts and strategies were developed and implemented. The change paved a new way of how partners and customers should be attained and followed up in combination with more adventurous marketing. Since the changes, Reglo has had a steady growth in sales each year, with 2018 as a record year for Reglo, increasing its sale of more man lifts and being involved in larger project worldwide. The “birth” of Liftman Fold for the oil and gas sector has also given Reglo a chance to provide its effective and durable products to new customer segment. The product itself has proven to cut substantial costs for our customers on both offshore and onshore installations, removing the need for traditional scaffolding. A video of the use of Liftman Fold onboard an oil rig has been made and can be seen here – LIFTMAN FOLD ONBOARD OIL RIG.

Increasing number of partners

Along with the steady growth in sales, the growth in number of partners has also increased. Now we have more dedicated partners spread worldwide, making the availability for local support easier. Still we are not represented in all corners and countries of the world, but our goal is to establish new partners where we lack representation today.

Satisfied customers

Review of customer surveys shows an increase in customer satisfaction over the years for Reglo’s customers and partners. This is a path we truly cherish and will continue to monitor and focus on. For Reglo, it is important that all parties in the value chain are able to experience that our products deliver what they promise to do. Our goal is to provide excellent products to provide safety, effectiveness and durability in our customers working environment.

EFFEX – dust and fume extraction products

Reglo has for many years been almost solely been identified with man lifts, with good reasons for it as well, as Reglo has been focusing on man lifts – Wall-Man and Liftman. 2018 also represented a shift from an isolated focus on Wall-Man and Liftman, to a broader view of the portfolio Reglo represent. EFFEX dust and fume extraction products received more attention in 2018 when it comes to marketing, and the work is now starting to bear its fruit. EFFEX dust and fume extraction products have been in Reglo’s portfolio for decades with production for some major actors within welding. Reglo started in 2018 a new development of its portfolio on dust and fume extraction products, focusing on the high vacuum segment in combination with extraction for robot welding. An explanatory video can be found at our homepage – FUME EXTRACTION AND ROBOT WELDING, and on YouTube.com which demonstrates the effectiveness not only by extracting the fumes at the point where the welding is occurring, but also providing reduced maintenance costs of the robots as the debris will not dragged over the robots (as with a traditional “hat” over the robot), operational area for each robot is reduced, as the need for “hats” over the robots normally requires large space. Point extraction also provide a cleaner environment as the fumes are collect at point and will not be allowed to flow around in the working environment.

Way forward into 2019

Hopefully, with continuing work to improve and become better every day, Reglo will do even better in 2019. We will maintain a goal to have satisfied customer, superior products and an open and creative mind in order to serve our partners and customer in a best possible way. More videos of our products can be found on Reglo’s YouTube-channel.