WALL-MAN® pneumatic lifts in Sweden

WALL-MAN® pneumatic lifts in Sweden

We are happy to announce another installation of WALL-MAN® pneumatic lifts in Sweden. Congratulations to Bolest AB  who just delivered a new paint booth with a set of WALL-MAN access platforms.

NCC has built a large railway workshop for Svenske Jernvegar in Käråkra, in the southern parts of Sweden. In this workshop Bolest has installed a paint booth of 40m length for railway wagons. This paint booth has been equipped with the best tool for the purpose: a set of WALL-MAN lifts.

Mantena AB, an international company providing maintenance services for the railway sector, will be running the workshop. Mantena already run a similar workshop in Norway, with WALL-MAN lifts. The WALL-MAN lifts were one of the preconditions for Mantena to take on the project.


The operators have now received the necessary training and are certified to start working. The work will start in December 2020.

Good luck with your brand new paint booth and WALL-MAN access platform set, Svenske Jernvegar/Mantena.